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Treyonda D. Towns, B.A, M.A., D.Div., CMLTC 

Treyonda presently resides in Chicago, Il  and has a mission to stand in Faith and to grow in those things Spiritual as she was created to do. This allows her to be Compassionate and Loving; staying sensitive to the needs of Family which brings about a Peace and Serenity that continues to Motivate and Create an atmosphere of Empowerment. These Values as Highlighted are the seeds of hope that strengthens Treyonda as she has walked out the call of God on her life over the years.

 A portion of this has been how Treyonda has served within the Kingdom of God being involved in various capacities to include; hospitality, nurse to leadership, an armour- bearer, an intercessor as well as carrying out full ministerial duties that even included the establishing of ministry in the capacity as a Pastor. Partnering with a Global intercessors movement nine years ago was the catalyst for confirmation about all of things in the works. The path was to culminate with her walking into her God intended purpose. All of these offices and duties along with the Prophetic and the Apostolic require relationship and discipline as a lifestyle to be effective in anything that you do whether it is in the kingdom or the natural. Truly grasping and believing that this discipline cannot just be a practice but a way of living has led Treyonda to becoming a leader throughout many communities.

Treyonda has always been an advocate at some capacity throughout her life and so walking in her chosen faith within ministry was an assignment taken seriously. However, in 2008 a horrible tragedy that her family experienced crossed paths with a community organization and youth mentoring opportunities. Here is where she has been active in several of the umbrella chapters that made room for Treyonda to implement Restorative Justice Practices, Advocacy, Policy and Procedure initiatives locally, state and nationally, Peer Parent and Leadership skill building for women and children living within our underrepresented communities. This is also where Treyonda discovered that this would be a good place to implement her Criminal Justice, Ministerial, Spiritually complimented Transformational Life Coaching, and Counseling Psychology with Trauma Informed capabilities cohesively to impact lives, including her own as well as her family after the murder of her eldest daughter.

Treyonda is also a state certified sexual assault and domestic violence advocate where she use these skills to build relationships among those whose lives has been shattered by such incidences. This work encouraged her decision to become a Certified Life Transformation Coach, founder/CEO of the F.L.O.W as well as, The Janee' V Towns foundation (in honor of her deceased daughter). These Professions/ Organizations is where crisis support is provided after Extreme life transitions has occurred especially if it is to the violent loss of a loved one. Mentorship, advocacy for the surviving siblings, charitable care packages, and the linkage to valuable resources are the goals within this work. It is so fulfilling to witness this coming together as Treyonda walks out her dream and goal to be a practicing Clinical Psychologist within the faith based and marketplace communities. This work is the catalyst to help influence and nurture the lives broken by trauma within our communities and cities bringing families and individuals past the Taboo of mental health. These accomplished goals in her Highly Equipped and Empowered Leadership roles has the possibility to be effective in the Kingdom of God, Underrepresented Communities as well as Marketplace when it comes to reaching the hurt and broken hearted in search of a truth that will bring about a deliverance from the bondage on their lives in a non-traditional, cohesive and holistic space. The desire is to flow this together in such a way that it would not only undergird and empower herself and others continuously, but it would create a tidal wave of non-traditional collaborations within communities and churches throughout cities reinforcing the value and strength behind healthy RELATIONSHIPS, where broken spiritual identities and SHATTERED communities exist.

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