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with Dr. Apostle Sanja Stinson

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Q: You didn’t become a believer until you were an adult. What was your attitude about faith leading up to that time?
A: Faith was a deep curiosity from childhood to young adulthood. I intuitively knew that God, truth, and reality were somehow synonymous. To find one would be to find the other two. I am a product of the social and spiritual revolutions of the sixties so it shaped my appetite for faith and identity.

Q: What ultimately convinced you to reach out for more than what you were experiencing? How did your relationship with God begin?
A: I became part of a socio-political-religious movement called the Nation of Islam. I found cultural identity, order, discipline, and strength – but I didn’t find God. A year before I got saved, the Lord placed a secretary in my life that began to speak with me about Jesus is a very personal way. I was intrigued. The conversations went on for a year. She invited my wife and I to a meeting on January 11, 1975 where a genteel man named Nicky Cruz was sharing his story of how Christ saved him from leading a notorious street gang by the name of the Mau Maus. That night, at that meeting, I encountered Jesus in a deep and profound way. My life was radically transformed. It started me on a whole new spiritual journey.

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