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with Prophetess Suzan Brown

In 1993 Prophetess Suzan’s life fell apart when her fiancé (Now Husband) was sent to prison for 14 ½ years. Left alone to raise five Children with no job and welfare was her only source of income. Depression instantly became real in her life. This was only the beginning of her battle with crack cocaine, alcohol, prostitution and ultimately separation from her children. After years of being strung-out on crack cocaine, she lost everything she had including her children. In 1991 Prophetess Brown made an open confession of her faith in Christ after many years of addiction, prostitution, and depression.

Now set free from that lifestyle, God has called Prophetess Suzan to be a voice in the wilderness. God has anointed her to set at liberty those that are bound with habits and addictions. Suzan was Ordained and sat in the Office of a Prophet by the late Apostle William T. Nichols and Apostle Veter Nichols in 2005. Prophetess Suzan flows heavily in healing & the prophetic. God has caused her to speak into the lives of men and women, snatching them out of the enemy’s grip.


In 1997 Prophetess Brown married her fiancé Perfecto Brown after being incarcerated for 14 ½ years. In May of 2016 Perfecto & Suzan Brown were Ordained and Installed in the Office of Pastors. Together they now Pastor the “New Breed Church” under the Covering of Dr. Apostle Sanja Stinson!

Pastors Suzan & Perfecto are the proud parents of (5) Beautiful children of which her Oldest Daughter passed away in 2006. Together they have (19) Precious Grandchildren.

Prophetess Suzan’s strung out desire is Train, Equip, and release a New Breed of Believers to be a witness to a lost and dying world for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

To God Be all of the Glory, Honor, & Praise!



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