Taylor Family Session -0089
Hosted by: Bishop Ronald & Pastor Chara Taylor

Team Taylor Ministries

Team Taylor Ministries Broadcasting biblical and relevant topics to help people restore relationships with God and with One Another, through Sound Doctrine & Awaken Love - Keeping Marriages Hot & Holy.

Bishop Ronald Taylor will Biblically exegete scriptures to teach Biblical truth with clarity, eliminate Biblical myths, and help transform the thinking of individuals who want to learn and know God in an in-depth way through systematic theology & apologetics on Sound Doctrine TV Network.

Team Taylor will discuss real life topics to help married couples awaken love & keep their marriages hot & holy, breaking down myths, dealing with root issues, & bringing awareness to bedroom and sexual liberties that have been missed or misinterpreted. Bishop Ronald & Pastor Chara have been married since 2007. They serve together as a husband-wife duo to pull down strongholds &break the bondage of traditional mindsets, especially in the area of marriage & family. This team sets out to be a manifested testimony of what Kingdom marriage resembles; they strive to live a life of modeled biblical unity. This transparent team uses their life lessons & education to route people in the right direction to see positive fruitful results.


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